4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Upgrade Your Dull, Boring Bathroom

Is your bathroom in dire need of an update?  Our remodeling experts at Atherton Painting and Remodeling in Glens Falls, NY can help you design and renovate the bathroom of your dreams!

 A little bit of remodeling in your bathroom can go a long way.  Just imagine…a fresh new paint color, new lighting, more space, new floor tile, and a whole new transformation that will help you enjoy this space more than you ever have!

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best home projects that can bring you back a good return on your financial investment. If you are ever thinking of reselling your house, a great bathroom remodel will help increase the cost of your home.

Below you will find ideas to inspire your next bathroom makeover!

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4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Add Light Colors

The first bathroom renovation tip is to think, “Light and Bright”.  Replacing old lighting can make your outdated bathroom look brand new and refreshed.  Replacing old bulbs with LED lighting will make a more energy efficient bathroom as well.  If you already have LED lighting in your bathroom, have you ever considered high tech lighting?  Lighting can be designed to change colors, be added to bathtubs or counters, built into the wall, or even built into the floor around your bathtub.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

To help your bathroom become more light and refreshing, a great bathroom remodeling tip is to add a fresh coat of new paint.  Whether that requires taking down old wallpaper or painting over a dull color, a fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable bathroom remodeling tip. It will help your bathroom look refreshed, brighter, and a lot more spacious. Contractors at Atherton Painting will help you choose the best fit color(s) for your bathroom.

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Update Your Flooring

A third bathroom remodeling tip is updating the flooring in your bathroom.  A current paint trend in many bathrooms is a neutral or white color, which helps to bring out other beautiful parts of your bathroom….such as the floor!  A neutral bathroom often needs a bold pattern or design somewhere, and the floor is the perfect place to make this happen. Tile is a great way to revamp your bathroom (you can even use it to make a border!).  Whether it be a classic subway tile, or a mosaic pattern, updating the tile in your bathroom will impress you, your family, and guests.

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Upgrade Faucets, Cabinets and Sink

Are you in need of a new faucet? A fancy new faucet and sink can bring much attraction to your new bathroom. A new trend is the waterfall faucet. A widespread water flow can make your bathroom feel spa-like.  There are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your bathroom sink and faucet. Choosing the kind of metal, trim, knob and handle can be a big task!  The options may seem endless, but contact Atherton Painting and Renovations today for bathroom sink and vanity remodeling ideas.

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Bathroom Remodeling Services for Glens Falls, Lake George, and Queensbury Areas

When working with Atherton Painting and Renovations, our contractors can help you build your dream bathroom.  Our design specialists are trustworthy, creative, and looking forward to ensuring quality work in your home. Call or TEXT (518) 415-5845 to get your free bathroom remodeling quote today!