Atherton Transforms Glens Falls Bathroom

In addition to our many other home renovation specialties at Atherton Painting and Renovations, we are experts at bathroom renovation and remodeling. We recently had the opportunity to showcase our bathroom renovation talents for a Glens Falls-area project, where the bathroom in question required a complete top-to-bottom overhaul.

When you take a look at the before and after pics, you can barely believe it’s the same bathroom. This job is a great example of how a renovation can bring a space back from the dead.

Take a look at the slideshow below to witness the dramatic transformation:

The Bathroom Renovation: Back to the Beginning

From the start, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The bathroom was in rough shape at the outset, so we started from scratch, replacing all the existing items and features with new updated materials. It was a top to bottom overhaul, leaving no stone unturned or facet overlooked.

This was an older home, so we also didn’t know what surprises we’d encounter as the work progressed. It’s always good to plan for the unexpected, especially in the home remodeling business.

A Structured Process

As is typical, to get started the clients contacted us, and scheduled a consultation for the bathroom remodeling. We arrived at the site, took measurements and listened to the client’s wants and needs. We assured them that when we were finished, they wouldn’t even recognize the bathroom from its prior state.

Back at the office, we typed up our estimate and sent it out to the clients, who signed it and sent it back with a scheduled start date. The clients then visited the vendors we recommended for materials selections. Once the vendors delivered the materials and a dumpster, it was time for us to arrive and perform.

Upgrades Aplenty

After demoing the existing structures and items in the bathroom, we had a clean slate to work from. From there it was a constant stream of improvements that made the room take shape before our eyes.

We installed a new vanity, new mirror and custom tile in the shower. In addition, we updated all the plumbing, electrical and flooring. We performed custom carpentry, with super attention to detail, including dealing with some very old framing that needed to be replaced. Every new item or fixture we installed brought us closer to the finish line.

The Finished Product

Overall, the work on the bathroom renovation took two-and-a-half weeks. In the end, it was a beautiful transformation. The clients loved it, and we felt great knowing that another happy customer now had a room that was functional again, as well as pleasing to the eye. Mission achieved!

Do you need a new bathroom design? Or perhaps it’s time for a complete home renovation or new construction project? Call our renovation experts at (518) 415-5845, or contact us online for a free no-hassle estimate. At Atherton Painting and Renovations, we’re the premiere bathroom and home renovation professionals in the Glens Falls area. We’d love to help beautify your home!