4 Winter Home Improvement Projects to Beautify Your Home

Winter Home Remodeling ProjectsBrrrr…it’s getting cold here in Upstate NY! If you are like most people living in New York, you spend a LOT of time indoors during the winter months. However, even though it’s snowing outside, you can still be productive inside the house!

Have you been looking around your home thinking to yourself, “Wow, this bathroom could really use an update!” or, “I’d love a bright, new kitchen to cook in!”?  If so, you are in luck.  The remodeling experts at Atherton Painting can help you update your home so that when Spring comes around you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new space.

Looking for inspiration on which winter projects to tackle? 

Below are 4 home improvement projects to complete this winter:

4 Winter Remodeling Projects

new painting in garage remodeling project in queensbury nyPainting

An easy indoor winter project that would brighten up your home and spirits would be…painting!  Have those colors on your living room wall been there for a while?  Are you getting bored of waking up and seeing the same bedroom colors day after day?  Are you a landlord looking to paint and turn over your properties fast?

A brand new paint job in your house will go a long way.  Freshen up those walls by calling a trusted and reliable painting company, like the painting professionals at Atherton Painting.  Walls, baseboards, moldings, high ceilings, residential or commercial properties…we can paint it all!



painting company glens fallsBasement Remodels

Has “finishing the basement” been on your “to-do” list since you first moved into your new home?  Imagine turning your unfinished basement into a place where you and your family can spend time together by playing board games, watching movies, and having great conversations.

This winter remodeling idea would be the perfect gift for your spouse and children. Turn those cold, concrete floors in your basement into warm, carpeted areas where your family can spend more time together during the cold winter season.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Queensbury NY


During the holiday season, guess which room in the house is most occupied?  The kitchen! Whether it is preparing a large feast for Thanksgiving, or baking delicious holiday cookies, the kitchen is a popular place to be while indoors.

Have you tinkered with different ideas on how to remodel your kitchen?  How about having those cabinets painted for a “fresher” look and feel?  How about switching up the flooring in your kitchen? Does the backsplash need a new, updated look?  Now is the perfect time to remodel and create that perfect kitchen in which endless hours will be spent.


Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel in Glens Falls NY

Do any of the bathrooms in your house need an uplift?  Perhaps a vibrant new color to brighten a small bathroom.  Or a new light fixture to change out the old, outdated one that was there when you moved in many years ago.  A new vanity with a unique faucet and hardware are also simple, yet fabulous touches that will beautify your bathroom.  Atherton Painting does amazing work with remodeling bathrooms and will turn any bathroom from “just okay” to jaw-dropping.

It’s Time to Upgrade! Contact Atherton Painting for a Free Home Remodeling Quote

When we think of home improvement projects, we may think of exterior jobs such as painting, siding, fixing windows, and landscaping.  However, there are lots of projects that can be completed inside of our homes.

The winter is a great time to think about indoor remodeling services.  Get more excited about spending time indoors during this cold and wintery season by freshening up the inside of your home with a new project. Still not sure what to give your husband or wife for the holidays? Give the gift of remodeling this season!

new custom flooring by Atherton Painting & Renovations

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