Old Home Restoration in Glens Falls, NY

Are you the owner of an older home, perhaps a historic home that was built a long time ago?  If so, take a look around… is your special, older home in need of restoration services? Renovating an old home can be a huge project and it’s important to hire contractors that are knowledgeable about older homes.  Here at Atherton Painting, we have experience and knowledge about these kinds of renovations. Older, historic homes are unique and deserve extra special attention.

Historic Preservation - Glens Falls and Lake George

Benefits of Restoring Your Old Home

Fixing up an old home can be very profitable.  There are certain restoration jobs that will make your old home more valuable in the long run.  Examples of projects that can quickly make an old home look beautifully restored are: entry door replacement, adding a wood deck, new flooring throughout the home, restoring kitchen cabinets, updated bathroom sink and floor, and interior & exterior painting.  Renovations that are done correctly can turn an old, dismantled home into a beautiful, dream home.  

The number of projects that need to be completed within the home and the size of the property are two important factors when considering renovations for older homes.  Upon contacting us to discuss home renovation services, it’s also important to discuss details such as your budget, what steps will be taken in the process, and an overall timeline of the services provided.  We promise to work with you diligently, every step of the way. If you have been pondering for a while about what restoration services could give your old home a lift, give us a call today! 

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