Before and After: Painting a Stucco House in South Glens Falls

We often get asked, “Is it okay to paint stucco homes?” The answer is, yes! You can paint a stucco home but it takes some TLC. The exterior will need to be scraped, cleaned and perfectly primed.

We recently had the opportunity to paint a stucco home in South Glens Falls. Here is the before picture:

Stucco Home Painter

And here is the after picture.

Paint a Stucco House

We are very pleased with how this project turned out! We painted this stucco home in traditional earth tones, using a dark blue hue from Sherwin Williams.

Before are a few common questions that we get about painting your stucco home.

Is it okay to paint my stucco house?

Yes! With proper preparation, the right paint, and correct painting materials, it is okay to paint your stucco home. Painting can offer many benefits including resisting UV Rays, provides better curb appeal, flexibility with paint color, etc.

What kind of paint do you use on a Stucco home?

We recommend using paint and primer from Sherwin Williams.

How often do you paint a stucco house?

Stucco is a very durable surface. The good news is that proper application of paint on stucco homes can last over 20 years without peeling if high-quality paint is used and completed by the right painting professionals.

How do you fixed cracks in stucco homes?

Cracks in stucco homes can be fixed with paint. If left untouched, the damage will only become a bigger problem over time. When left unpainted, chunks of stucco will appear and the repairs can be costly. Painting your home with high-quality thick paint can fill these cracks naturally.

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Looking to paint your old stucco home? If your home exterior has been finished with stucco coating, we’d love to help you give it a fresh new look! Not only is this long-lasting, durable material attractive, it can also effectively protect your home against the harsh winter elements of Upstate, NY.

Ensure that your stucco is painted properly by hiring experienced stucco painters who know exactly what type of paint to use. The professionals at Atherton Painting can suggest the perfect paint colors, and consistently deliver high-quality results that last for years. If you’re ready to refresh your home with a fresh coat of stucco paint, request a free exterior painting quote! Call or text James at (518) 415-5845 to get started today.