The Hyde Museum Makeover: Adding a Splash of New Color

Atherton Painting is known for our historic restoration expertise. Our talented team enjoys preserving historic charm while adding vibrant new paint colors to homes, businesses, offices, and museums throughout Glens Falls NY and surrounding areas

We’re excited to share a recent project where we added a fresh color to the stunning Hyde Museum in Glens Falls, NY!

In preparation for another gallery event, our team at Atherton Painting worked hard to revitalize the space, infusing it with fresh new paint color while preserving its timeless charm.

The Hyde Glens Falls NYThe Hyde Museum Glens Falls NY

Preserving History: Atherton Painting Restores and Adds New Color to Hyde Museum

Discover how Atherton Painting, with a passion for historic preservation, is breathing new life into the Hyde Museum while maintaining its cherished charm. Follow our journey as we add vibrant new colors to historic treasures throughout Upstate NY and Glens Falls.

**The Hyde Collection art museum in Glens Falls NY hosts several world-class art exhibits each year. View current, past and upcoming exhibition here.