Log Home Staining Services in the Adirondacks

Do you own a beautiful log cabin in the pristine Adirondacks?  Whether it be a rustic one-bedroom log cabin in Lake George or a five bedroom luxury log cabin in the Adirondack Mountains, do you want to know the best way to keep it looking fresh, healthy, and long lasting?  The answer is: Staining!

Staining your log cabin is more beneficial than just having it painted.  Did you know that logs contain lots of moisture and painting can actually prevent the logs from “breathing”?   Your log cabin contains countless logs that already have moisture within them. When you paint over the logs, the moisture stays trapped inside and can rot from the inside out.  Within weeks, your logs will begin to show signs of wear and tear. There may even be cracks, peels, and flakes from the paint job that was done. Staining your log cabin gives those logs the ability to breathe and does not trap moisture in or out.  While painting covers and seals your logs, staining actually soaks in the logs and provides a beautiful color while preserving the wood for a long time.

Log Cabin Staining in the Adirondacks

Stain Your Log Cabin in the Adirondacks

If you are ready to stain your log cabin that is situated in the beautiful Adirondacks, be careful of the kind of stain you decide to use.  It is highly recommended that you have your log cabin stained by professionals. Here at Atherton Painting & Renovations, we will professionally stain your log cabin, using high quality stain that is the ultimate best for your home.  We use only top performing stains that will keep your log cabins looking healthy and long lasting.

Keep your beautiful log cabin in the Adirondacks looking young, bright, and healthy.  Atherton Painting is a reliable log cabin staining company that will put your mind to ease and your log cabin staying healthy.

Log Home Staining in the Adirondacks

Log Cabin Staining Services throughout Adirondacks, Lake George, Queensbury and Glens Falls, NY

Log cabin staining services will help keep your log cabin looking it’s best and will save you money.  Are you looking for a log cabin staining company in the Lake George and other areas of the Adirondacks? We offer professional and affordable staining services for log cabins. Request your free quote today! Contact Atherton Painting at (518) 415-5845.

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