5 Spring Remodeling Projects that Increase Your Homes Value

Spring is here! It’s time to start thinking about your home remodeling projects! Not only will you be smiling and feeling good in your newly remodeled home, you will be feeling good about the value added to your property. Here at Atherton Painting and Renovations in Glens Falls New York we are going to review five remodeling projects that increase your homes value!

Spring Home Remodeling in Glens Falls

5 Best Home Remodeling Projects for Spring

Exterior Painting

Trying to sell your home any time soon?  If so, then curb appeal is a must to get top dollar. Getting the outside of your house looking the best it can will often require new exterior paint. It’s also one of the least expensive and time efficient ways to add value to your home. Bringing a fresh modern look to the outside of your home is what we do best, and we can advise in all areas from color schemes to the kind of paint to use. At Atherton Painting & Renovations servicing Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, and the greater Upstate New York we help you get the job done right the first time with impressively competitive rates without skimping on quality. Learn more about our award-winning exterior painting services.

Interior Painting

When guests enter your home one of the first impressions they will get is based on the appearance of your interior paint design. If it’s old, marked up, out of style then this will often lead to not a very good impression. Adding a fresh new and modern look can leave a dramatically positive impression and increase the value of your home. With Atherton Painting and Remodeling we do the best job with the best rates and you can be rest assured satisfaction will be met to the highest standard. Learn more about our interior paint services here.

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Looking to add a classy elegant touch to your home this spring? Tile or hard wood flooring is often a great option and we do them both to the highest standard. Atherton Painting and Renovations has options galore and we can help you choose what’s best based on your budget and your home. Having new floors is one of the best ways to give some added value and a fresh new look that will impress! Learn more about our flooring services here.

Kitchen Remodeling

There is nothing that brings value to a home like a newly remodeled kitchen. This however can be one of the more costly renovations in the house, but at Atherton Painting and Renovations in Glens Falls New York we have the most competitive rates and do some of the best quality work in all of Upstate New York. From countertops to cabinets we get the job done right! Learn more about our kitchen remodeling service.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms and kitchens are the “working” rooms of any home. So much value can be added to one’s home by updating these rooms. At Atherton Painting and Renovations in Glens Falls, Saratoga, and the greater Upstate New York region we have endless options and ideas to make your bathroom look the best. When is comes to bathroom renovations there is nothing quite as refreshing than having your dream bathroom, and we can make that happen at surprisingly affordable and competitive rates. Learn more about our bathroom remodeling service here.

Start Your Spring Home Renovations

Spring is right around the corner, and the real estate season is soon upon us. Don’t waste a minute and lets get the value of your property fetching top dollar. Maximize your investment with Atherton Painting and Renovations! We get the job done right!

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