Atherton Rejuvenates Glens Falls Area Kitchen

When it came to their kitchen remodeling project, the homeowner wanted sharp, professional, clean lines everywhere, and they were very detail-oriented. They’d spent days picking out selections – it was lots of homework on their part – so we were really under the gun to deliver. And that’s exactly what we did.

From the start, it was clear we had our work cut out for us with this particular kitchen remodel. There was outdated linoleum flooring and aging cabinets that needed to be replaced. New appliances and lighting needed to be installed. Drywall and fresh paint were also sorely required. And that was just some of the obvious tasks.

Before and After Kitchen Renovation Pictures:

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Kitchen Remodeling: Dealing With The Unexpected

Once work got underway on our Glens Falls kitchen remodeling, it wasn’t an entirely straightforward job, either. We ran into some unlevel floor issues, but our team adapted and moved on with the project. The drywall installation was also quite challenging because the walls and ceilings were out of plumb. (When something is “plumb,” it’s straight up and down, like the walls of a building.) But again, we adapted and the team forged ahead.

A Comprehensive Renovation

Once we overcame the structural hurdles, the room really started to come together. We installed beautiful maple cabinets, oak floors, stainless-steel appliances and a new sink. The stone countertops are flawless and nicely accent the cabinets, floor, and paint. We replaced the old ceiling fan with brilliant updated lighting, making the space more functional and comfortable. The kitchen is virtually unrecognizable from its previous form. The renovation took two weeks from start to finish, at a cost of $35,000, but now that it’s completed, the kitchen is simply stunning.

Dreaming and Planning

When planning your own dream kitchen, focus on looking at plenty of pictures and picking what you like. Don’t try to invent some wacky, offbeat kitchen; trendy is definitely not what we recommend. As the finished product of this kitchen remodeling shows, the key to our designs is simple: It’s all about clean looks and plenty of functionality. Make those elements your priority, and you won’t go wrong.

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