Hardwood Floor Installation in Queensbury NY

hardwood floors queensbury

In any living space, the quality of the flooring can make a dramatic difference in the overall quality of the atmosphere. For most homeowners, a reasonable quality carpet or tile is more than enough to suit their needs. But to really impress, it takes top-quality hardwood flooring. That’s why our interior design experts here at Atherton decided to raise the bar for high-quality hardwood flooring by installing a rustic, knotty oak floor by hand for a whole new level of luxury.

hardwood floors Queensbury This hardwood floor installation in Queensbury, NY was done by entirely by hand- the only way, we decided early in the planning process, to achieve the desired effect. Our craftsmen had to rely heavily on their artistic sensibilities, carefully judging the pattern with their eyes as there was no prefabricated pattern for them to follow. Each plank is hand fitted into place leaving the natural imperfections in the wood undisturbed to create a texture and a feel that takes rustic interior décor to a degree of naturalistic refinement where few have ever taken it.

Using a gentle hand in the sanding and smoothing process for this hardwood floor installation in order to retain and preserve the beautiful natural face of the oak, our team finished these floors with three coats of polyurethane. This has given it a spectacular gloss and a durable shine while smoothing its imperfections out completely while holding on to the wonderful knottiness and natural unevenness that gives this installation its one of a kind rustic appeal.

We decided that we wanted to deliver a full display of the wide range of oaken color tones that this beautiful wood offers. The placement of the differently shaded pieces was laid down with painstaking care to produce a natural dispersal of tones and shading. The resulting effect is a convincingly organic splay of light to dark tones of oaken brown.

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