How To Choose The Best Color Scheme Before Painting Your House Exterior

exterior house paint color

So you’re ready to start painting the exterior of your house – that’s great news! And you’re presented with a multitude of color options to choose from. That’s… not so great. Choosing an exterior house paint colour can be daunting. It can also be a costly mistake if you made the wrong decision. Take your time with this one and let us at Atherton Painting help you make the right color choice!

Here’s how to choose the best color scheme before painting your house exterior

1. Look at the colors you’re NOT changing

Take a look at your roof shingles, pathways, driveways and any other surfaces on and surrounding your house. Then identify their undertones. Are they warm-toned (brown, rust and beige) or cool-toned colors (black, blue and grey)?

exterior house color paint

These fixed elements should complement your exterior house color instead of clashing with it. Just because a color is on trend right now, doesn’t mean it will look good on your house.

2. Consider your house style and neighborhood

The color of your house should appropriately align with its architectural style and period. Doing this can enhance the overall look of your house tremendously. Of course, you don’t have to strictly adhere to this historical “rule”, but don’t choose a color too far from it.

For homeowners of historical homes identified by the National Register of Historic Places or by a local historic board, your paint colors may be restricted to their original colors or by their historical district or time period. Be sure to check with the historic preservation board.

3. Get inspiration from your neighbors

Instead of getting inspiration from Pinterest, why not take a drive around the neighbourhood and get some ideas from your neighbors? If a house looks oddly out of place – and not in a good way – you’d want to avoid making the same blunder.

exterior house color paint

Take a few snapshots and choose the best color palettes that fit your house.

4. Follow the color wheel rules

Most exterior house colors use 3 hues – field color (which dominates), accent color (doors, shutters and other small areas) and trim color (windows, door casing and other trims).

If you’re having trouble, follow the color wheel rules to guide you. For example, if you’re after the monochromatic look, choose hues that are in the same family. Analogous hues (the ones next to each other) work well together and so do complementary colors (the ones opposite).

exterior house color paint

You’d want your field color to contrast with your trim color, so a light field color can look great with a darker trim color and vice versa. You can go bold with accent colors, especially on your main door!

5. Test it out!

Don’t depend on paint chips! Once you’ve narrowed down the colors, get some samples and paint them in large swaths – preferably in an unnoticeable area of the house.

exterior house color paint

Observe the color at different times throughout the day – how does it look under the sun or in the shadow? This is the perfect way to know if you will be satisfied with your new house color. Get a trusted friend or family member to help you out as well!

Still can’t decide?

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