Top 5 Curb Appeal Tips from an Exterior Painting Contractor

exterior house curb appeal

The term “curb appeal” generally refers to the attractiveness of a house and its surroundings when viewed from the street. It is the first impression for your house when guests – and even potential home buyers – arrive. So if you’re looking to sell your house, improving its curb appeal can increase the value and even speed up the selling process.

Here are 5 top curb appeal tips from an exterior painting contractor

1. Exterior House Paint

This is undoubtedly the biggest project you can take on to boost curb appeal. However, the end result is highly rewarding! A fresh exterior is the best and quickest way you can boost the attractiveness of your house both physically and in value.

With thousands of options out there, which colors should you choose your for house? Not to worry – our experienced team at Atherton Painting can help you with that!

2. Create an inviting entrance

front door paint curb appeal

Your front door is the focal entry point of your home so put extra effort into making the area more inviting for everyone! A pop of color for your front door that nicely contrasts with your house facade is always a great idea.

Updating your house numbers and replacing your old doormat with a new one can help to beautify the area too. You can even add a potted plant or two!

3. Maintain your landscaping

landscaping curb appeal

No matter how beautiful your flowers have bloomed, overgrown landscaping can be an eye sore. Having a simple maintaining routine will do wonders! Apart from mowing your lawn, you should also remove weeds, prune the shrubs and re-seed the lawn if necessary.

It is an effective low-cost way for an instant curb appeal if you do it yourself!

4. Add in new light fixtures

Nighttime curb appeal is important for your home too! You’ll never know – potential home buyers might drive past the house in the evening for a sneaky glance.

Check your existing light fixtures to ensure that they are clean – no dust or cobwebs in sight!

You might want to update them for a more modern aesthetic. Look out for geometric shapes, clean lines and wide beams to achieve the look!

5. Clean up the driveway

exterior paint curb appeal

Buyers are going to get repulsed at an unsightly driveway. So fix any minor cracks in your driveway by patching or resealing them yourself. Pressure washing your driveway can clean up the look of your home too.

Keep your garbage and recycling bins neat – preferably hidden away at the side of the house behind a bush or fence.

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