Five Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Home This Summer

Is the outside of your home in need of a makeover?  If you haven’t considered repainting the outside of your home, let us help you think again!  There are many benefits to painting the exterior of your home during the summer.

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1. Increase Your Home’s Value

First, repainting the outside of your home will help increase its value.  Are you putting your house on the market or refinancing your home? Studies have shown that painting the exterior of a house increases the overall value of your property. It helps with resale, by adding a fresh, clean look on the outside.  Crisp, clean paint on the outside adds more curb appeal.  Change is a good thing, help beautify the outside of your home with a few fresh coats of paint.  Simply changing the color or freshening up the current color can change your home’s overall look.  Make your house stand out. Several gallons of paint will go a long way toward creating a new and improved look.  Better appearance equals greater value of your home.

2. Extra Protection from the Weather

Another reason to paint the exterior of your home is that it will give your home extra protection throughout the upcoming years.  Keeping a good coat of quality paint on the exterior of the home will help protect it from the weather, particularly moisture from rain and snow.   When exterior paint gets old, it starts to chip, flake, and peel. This does not look appealing and it allows water and moisture to get trapped between the paint and the house. This collected water can eventually lead to wood rotting.  Over time, this can destroy the structural integrity of your home. You most likely have wood framing or trim if your house has aluminum or vinyl siding, so this applies to you as well!     

3. Keep Mildew At Bay

Keep mildew at bay! If your paint is cracked, mildew can creep its way through. Not only does it lead to rotten wood, the Center for Disease Control warns that mold can be damaging to your health. Damp environments can cause respiratory problems, coughing, allergies, and can trigger asthma.  Get your house repainted this summer and keep mildew at bay!

4. Perfect Timing

Summer is here and it’s a great time to think about painting the exterior of your home. Summer tends to be the ideal time for painting, since it’s typically dry and warm. This means that right now is the ideal time to get those home improvement projects started!  Minimal rain and minimal fluctuations in temperature from day to night are most ideal.

5. Well Qualified Specialists Will Paint for You

No time to work on those home improvement projects, such as painting the outside of your home?  Here at Atherton Painting in Glens Falls, we would love to talk to you about painting the exterior of your home.  There are many benefits to having a well-qualified person come and repaint for you. Think about the time and headaches you will save.  An excellent exterior paint job will be done without any hassle and provide long-lasting benefits.

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Are you ready to have the exterior of your house painted?  The team at Atherton Painting in Glens Falls has been helping others beautify the outside of their homes for 10+ years.

Our design and remodeling specialists are ready to help you with improving the appearance and value of your home today. To receive a free estimate by one of our professionals today, contact us online or give us a call at (518) 415-4845 for a free quote today.

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