3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Glens Falls Professional Painting Company

Here at Atherton Painting and Renovations we are taking some time to share with you 3 reasons why hiring a professional is simply the way to go when it comes to painting and remodeling one’s home or office.

During our years in the business we often come across people that are simply on the fence when it comes to doing it themselves or not. Sure it can be done, but it’s not always as simple as one would think and so often the process is not what is expected or anticipated.

Professional Painting Company

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire professional painters:

Save headaches.

Not only do you have to take the time out of your day, estimate the amount of paint you need to purchase, get the paint and equipment for the job, lay out the tape and splatter shield of plastic, then spend your time dealing with what often turns into a mess; only to hope the finished result is what you had in mind. Then if you are dealing with choosing colors, accent walls, texturing, and getting those perfect creases along the edges and baseboards; a simple job can suddenly turn into a multi-day headache. A professional painter can help you save the headaches.

Save the hassle.

Let’s not forget the primer and suddenly you need a second coat! Oh no, the paint was too thin and you can still see the previous shade of the old paint. Now it’s time for a third coat, another day and another run to the store for more paint, more money, another roller because that previous one just dried out. Hire a professional to save the hassle!

Save time.

Finally the job is done several days later. After more time spent cleaning up you see a glob of paint dried to your carpet! Oh my, you could have just hired a professional and been assured a top notch job would have been done with no concern at all. Besides that, think about the time spent, the stress! You could have been with friends, family, or doing some extra work that would have covered the expense in the first place.

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Hire the Professional Painters at Atherton Painting & Renovations

Here at Atherton Painting and Renovations we don’t just take pride in our work, we also take pride in seeing that our customers are taken care of. They leave it to us; no stress, no fuss, and they can spend their time how they would like with no worries or concerns about the job that is to be done.

With Atherton and our years of experience, a professional team, and professional equipment; you can be rest-assured that things will be done right, efficiently, and cleaned up to the highest of standards. Not only is the job done right, but if you are having trouble deciding on colors, textures, gloss, and design; our painting professionals are more than happy to advise.

Trust Our Professionals for High Quality Interior Painting Services Throughout Glens Falls, Saratoga and Lake George, NY

Next time your home or office is in need of a makeover, leave it up to Atherton Painting and Renovations. We make things easy and get the job done right. Atherton offers professional painting throughout Glens Falls, Saratoga and Lake George, NY.

To get a free quote on your next painting  project, contact us today.

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