Should I Paint My House This Summer?

summer exterior house paint

So you’re wondering if summer is a good time to paint your house. Exterior house painting can be done throughout the year. However, you’ll be glad to know that summer is an ideal time to give your house the paint job it deserves!

Here are 5 reasons why you should paint your house this summer!

1. Warmer weather

The weather plays a crucial role when deciding the best time to paint your house. We at Atherton Painting definitely recommend warmer weather when it comes to undertaking an exterior house painting project.

A dry surface is needed for paint to be applied and having warm weather helps greatly in that aspect. And it also cures the paint at a better rate of course!

Luckily, summertime in Upstate New York gives us the ideal temperature we need!

2. Dryer Weather

summer house painting

The chances of rain in the summertime are relatively low. This means that there is hardly any interruption on your exterior painting project.

Rain can ruin a perfectly good paint job and you might need to re-do it again – which will set you back on your time and effort.

So don’t take the risk and stick to painting in the summer!

3. Get rid of winter damages

The harsh winter can do quite a lot of damage on the exterior of your house. Moisture from the snow could have caused your exterior house paint to peel and even caused your painted wood siding to rot.

Do a thorough check of any damages so you can be prepared and prevent excessive damages for next winter.

4. Increase curb appeal

exterior house painting curb appeal

People love spending their summer days outdoors! This means more eyes are checking out the exterior of your home so make it stand out.

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way towards creating a new and improved look. A polished appearance increases the value of your property so this is great for those thinking of putting it on the market.

5. We are ready to do it for you

If your summer is already lined up with beach days and barbecues, don’t sweat it. Our experienced team at Atherton Painting is happy to do the job for you!

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We are currently accepting exterior painting projects this summer and slots are filling up fast.

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