Paint Your Aluminum Siding This Spring!

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Do you own a home with aluminum siding? If so, what a great choice you have made!  Unlike wood, aluminum siding does not end up rotting, will not snap or break when there are strong winds, and is a great answer to insulated and termite free living.

Need to Replace Your Siding? Paint it Instead!

Has the aluminum siding of your house been in dire need of a recent makeover?  If so, and you have recently considered replacing your siding with new aluminum…. Don’t do it! Painting the aluminum exterior of your house is a MUCH better solution.  Occasionally, aluminum siding can begin to fade from lengthy exposure to weather elements such as wind and rain. It may become dull and dreary looking.  When that’s the case, it’s time to contact your local painting company at Atherton Painting and discuss the benefits of having your exterior aluminum siding repainted!

Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Discolored aluminum does not have to be replaced!  Aluminum siding responds very well to being painted.  Paint will adhere well to aluminum siding. Paint can easily peel off of wood and other surfaces, but aluminum siding does not shrink or swell and is a perfect surface for fresh paint.  

One benefit of having your aluminum siding painted is the amount of color choices you can choose from.  When fully replacing your siding, you may have to choose from what is in stock, which often is not much.  When you choose to paint your siding, you can custom match colors and there is always a wide range of color combinations. Browse Shermin Wiliams for color inspiration!

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Save My Money By Painting Your Siding Instead of Replacing Your Siding

Another benefit of painting your aluminum exterior is that it is cost efficient.  Painting your siding is a popular option that gives your house a fresh, uplifting look without spending too much money. 

If you own a house with aluminum siding in Glens Falls, Lake George, or Gansevoort, NY, contact Atherton Painting to further discuss the benefits of painting your aluminum exterior.  Our experts will discuss the plan of cleaning the surface, priming the siding, and painting the aluminum.

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