Three Beautiful Home Exterior Colors for 2021

Neutral exterior house paint

Congratulations on deciding to have the exterior of your house painted this spring!  This will not only beautify the outside of your home, it will also protect it from harsh elements such as wind, rain, and sunshine.  Choosing the perfect color hue for exterior paint can be a tricky task. Here are several beautiful colors that would look great for the exterior of your home:

Neutral Colors

Warm neutrals are always an excellent color choice for the exterior paint of your home.  Whether it be khaki, tan, or beige, these colors almost always match the various kinds of landscape around your home.  These fresh bright colors will attract attention and cause feelings of happiness and peace when looked at.  Dark colors, such as brown, maroon, or dark red would accent well with a warm, neutral exterior color.  

Neutral Inspiration:  Sherwin Williams “Shift of Mist”



Gray exterior house paint

Can’t go wrong with a light or dark gray for the exterior of your home!  Gray is a very common color for the exterior of houses because it is so versatile.  There are various shades of gray to choose from and suit all kinds of locations.  A dark gray house surrounded by woods would help create a more secluded feeling. 

That same dark gray house would look great with white accents on the windows or shutters.  A pale grey would create feelings of elegance and class in a suburban neighborhood.  There are all kinds of grays to choose from, depending on the kind of feel you want to create.  Call Atherton Painting today for a color consultation if you are undecided in which kind of gray to choose for the exterior of your home! 

Light gray inspiration:  Sherwin Williams “Monorail Silver” 

Dark gray inspiration:  Sherwin Williams “Gibraltar”



white exterior house paint

White is a classic, go-to color for many people and lifestyles!  An instant feeling of elegance is felt when one sees a house with white exterior paint.  White also can help make your house look cleaner, fresher, and brighter. 

Houses that are painted white will stand out in any kind of landscape.  Whether it’s a snowy Adirondack mountain top home, a suburban home in a neighborhood, or a house in the country, white looks beautiful contrasted with bright green trees or colorful floral landscaping.  An exciting part of having a white house is that you can bring out more character and personality with vivid accent colors! 

Railings, shutters, window trims, or porches can be painted a bold color for a true sense of pizazz on your home.  

Inspiration:  Sherwin Williams “Extra White”