Six Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Home This Spring

Paint house exteriot

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner!  In just a few short months, the weather will become more mild and sunny.  Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about the outdoor projects on your spring “to-do” list!  A task often overlooked is having the exterior of your house painted.  Here are several reasons why refreshing the exterior paint of your house this spring is very beneficial.

1. Perfect Timing

Spring weather is the best time for having the exterior of your house painted!  The temperatures are more comfortable to work outside.  Also, exterior latex paint creates the more durable and protective finish when the weather is mild.  Exterior painting is best done when the temperatures are more steady throughout the day and night.  Once winter ends, you can count on the weather to be more consistent here in upstate New York! 


2. Protect Your House

Painting the exterior of your home will give it the extra protection it needs throughout the upcoming years.  Save those expensive building materials from harsh environmental conditions such as sun, moisture, heat, and wind!  Exposed wood does not take long to rot and we often see various types of exteriors suffer when the paint wears off of the house.  Being proactive and painting the exterior of your house will save you a lot in the future.  


3. Save Your Plants

Do you have beautiful landscaping around your house?  Are you planning on planting flowers or other shrubbery this spring?  If so, the best time to plant is after the exterior painting of your house is complete.  Having this outdoor painting project completed prior to landscaping will save your new plants/mulch from getting trampled on during the painting process. 

Also, in the springtime, your pre-existing bushes and trees are not in full bloom yet.  This makes it much easier to navigate around the house and get the important paint job done!


4. Get Ready for Summer!

Are you ready to beautify the exterior of your house for the summer?  Exterior painting helps wash away all of that winter dirt, mud, and mildew.  The perfect way to get your house looking great for summer get togethers is by getting a fresh paint job.  Don’t procrastinate!  Be ready to entertain your family and friends by scheduling your exterior painting job today!  


5. Curb Appeal

Landscaping and other home improvement projects can get very expensive.  Give your house the perfect face-lift by having the exterior painted.  A new exterior paint job will prevent other home repairs and it will improve the overall curb appeal of your house.  Catch the eyes of everyone with a new exterior paint job!  


6. Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you putting your house on the market or refinancing your home soon?  Repainting the exterior of your home will help increase it’s value!  Studies have shown that painting the exterior of a house increases the overall value of your property.  Adding a fresh, clean look on the outside will help your house sell more quickly.  Simply changing the color or freshening up the current color can change your home’s overall look.  Make your house stand out, better appearance equals greater value of your home!

Before you start your exterior painting project, be sure you are properly prepared in order to get the most out of your investment. If you have questions regarding exterior painting or would like to enlist the help of a professional, Atherton Painting & Renovations is glad to help! Text (518) 415-5845 to get started today!