The 10 Commandments Of Selecting A Great Commercial Painting Contractor

Just like in your home, fresh paint can do wonders for your place of business. Whether you run an office building, restaurant, retail store, hotel or other business, a new paint job should be applied every so often. That’s when the time for selecting commercial painting contractors begins.

When seeking out commercial painting contractors, like Atherton Painting & Renovations, it’s a good idea to stick to the following 10 commandments:

  1. If they ask for a deposit, walk away.

If the contractor you’re dealing with runs a legit, established business, they’re not going to need a deposit from you in order to purchase the needed materials. Be extremely wary of a contractor who demands a deposit, as they can take that deposit and walk, without ever actually painting your building. If you do relent and make an advanced payment, be sure the materials are being stored on-site at your business; just in case the painter disappears.

  1. Confirm the contractor is insured.

Ask to see a physical copy of the contractor’s insurance policy, showing the amount of coverage the company carries for property damage and bodily injury caused by the contractor’s work. This is especially important since paint materials can be quite flammable and could conceivably result in damage and/or disaster.

  1. Make sure they have the required local and state licenses.

A good way of making sure the expert commercial painting contractor you believe you are hiring can back up their claims of competency is to ask for the contractor’s local and state licenses, in the event they don’t offer them on their own accord. This goes a long way toward alleviating one’s fears of being ripped off or ending up with a sub-par paint job.

  1. Get a written warranty.

Before hiring a commercial painting contractor, discuss the warranty the painter will offer you. This is a reflection of not just the products and materials that will be used and the painter’s standing with suppliers, but also the quality of the contractor’s workforce.

  1. Ask for a detailed quote.

Make sure prep work, clean up, priming and other aspects of the process are all included in your quote. And before agreeing to the job, be sure to obtain a detailed quote listing the phases of the work and the prices for each related service, including power washing, caulking, sanding and priming, wood or stucco repair, touch-ups and cleanup and details of products and application methods. Also look for signs of professionalism, like company letterhead, a visible license number, a local landline phone number, a tax ID number and any work guarantees and warranties.

  1. Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

Check out the contractor’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and stick with those contractors who have a positive rating. Also check and see how long the commercial painting contractor has been a BBB member and confirm that all complaints against them have been resolved. When you come across contractor with either a lower grade or no BBB presence at all, keep looking elsewhere.

  1. Always ask for references, including older jobs.

It’s common for commercial painting contractors to offerlocal references from recent jobs, but older references are important, too. Obtaining references from clients whose work was performed a year ago or more speaks to the durability of the work and can confirm that follow-up and billing were also smooth.

  1. Preview a current job.

A great way to size up a Saratoga Springs commercial painting contractor is to have a look at a job they have in progress. Things to look for when visiting an active job site include: The quality and condition of the work vehicles; the appearance and grooming of the workers; the condition of tools and materials; and the care with which the work is performed, in order to prevent property damage.

  1. Go with a long track record.

It’s best to work with a Saratoga Springs commercial painting contractor who has been in business for at least three years. This ensures your commercial painting contractor has the experience and reputation needed to get the job done right.

  1. Have a look at their website.

Make sure your Saratoga Springs commercial painting contractor maintains a current, professional-looking website, including references, before-and-after pics, service details, contact information and the history of the company, owner and staff. Reputable commercial painting contractors in Saratoga Springs will make sure those elements are in place.

Saratoga Springs Commercial Painter

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